About us

The Tiny Tipple Company was formed in September 2015 by two busy mums who decided their lives were just not busy enough and wanted even more fun and excitement!

We’ve always had a keen interest in homemade wines and infusions and our dinner parties usually contained a few tipples of home-brew! The shop brought infusions were often a disappointment, thin watery liquids with essence of fruits rather than whole fruits. Sometimes we actually wondered if there was any fruit involved at all!

Living in a beautiful part of the country with the Norfolk and Suffolk hedgerows on our doorstep we decided that we should take advantage of Mother Nature’s harvest and use our wonderful hedgerow fruits to make delicious infusions for everyone to enjoy.

We have ‘Handpicked from Hedgerows’, ‘Gathered from Gardens’ and ‘Grown and nurtured our Allotment’. We also work with local East Anglian suppliers who grow some fruits that we cannot forage or grow ourselves. 

Our families all help with the hedgerow fruit picking, weeding the allotment and the dogs enjoy their prolonged walks. Anything from Blackberries to Elderflowers, Rhubarb and Strawberries,  Gooseberries to Rosehips and Sloes (apart from the Ginger, Spices & Vanilla) have all been grown in East Anglia. 

We make our infusions in small batches of 14-16 litres to ensure our products are made to the same recipe. All batches undergo a taste test to ensure they are completely scrumptious. (We have lots of volunteers for this part!) We only use pure grain spirits - Vodka, Gin, Brandy and Whisky mixed with whole fruits and sugar. You won’t find any artificial flavours, colourings or preservatives in our products.

We hope you enjoy drinking our tipples as much as we have enjoyed making them.



Karen & Amanda

Telephone: 07881 441457   07787430294   Email: thetinytippleco@gmail.com

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