Our Tipples


Strawberry & Vanilla Rum Liqueur

The taste of the Caribbean comes to East Anglia. For a fantastic summer tipple mix with lemonade, a dash of pineapple juice and plenty of crushed ice. 21.8%VOL


Raspberry Vodka Liqueur

Raspberries picked in the lovely village of Rockland St Mary, Norfolk. The children love helping but with a promise of a fish and chip supper afterwards!

Serve over ice, or as a special treat topped up with fizz. 25.4%VOL


Gooseberry Vodka Liqueur


Gooseberries grown in Norfolk and one of our most popular tipples and has been described as 'Summer in a glass.'

Simply drink straight from the fridge over ice. 21.6%VOL

Rosehip Vodka Liqueur

Delicious flavour reminiscent of toffee and caramel. Drink as a liqueur neat or over ice. 28.1%VOL



Damson Gin Liqueur

We don't have to travel far to pick our Damsons as Karen has a Damson tree at the bottom of her garden. 

Quite similar to Sloe Gin, drink as a liqueur or its exceptionally delicious topped up with fizz. 25.5%VOL


Rhubarb Gin Liqueur


Made from fresh pink Norfolk rhubarb, our best seller in 2016.

Perfect by itself but equally enjoyable with fizz or ginger ale. 21.5%VOL


Rhubarb & Ginger Gin Liqueur

Made in the same way as the rhubarb gin but with stem ginger added at the end and left to infuse for a few days. The ginger gives it a lovely warming aftertaste without spoiling the delicate rhubarb flavour.

Serve naked or with tonic. 21.2%VOL


Strawberry & Basil Gin Liqueur

Made using an old variety of strawberries from Norfolk to ensure full flavour. Fresh basil is added for 24 hours and gives a fantastic fresh flavour.

Enjoy with fizz or lemonade to make a refreshing long drink on a hot summers day. 18.9%VOL

Sloe Gin Liqueur

Picked in Norfolk & Suffolk hedgerows, sloe gin is a real favourite. Try mixing with Prosecco to make a Sloe-gasm.

Perfect for Christmas morning or a celebratory tipple. 22.1%


Elderflower Gin Spirit Drink

Grows in abundance in Norfolk & Suffolk, the delicate flowers are infused for minimal time and create a lovely summery tipple.

Best served with tonic or lemonade with ice and a slice. 35%VOL


Gooseberry & Elderflower Gin Liqueur

Amanda's gooseberries infused with gin for 3 months then blended together with Elderflower gin. Sweeter than the elderflower gin but still a very refreshing tipple. Serve neat or with lemonade or tonic. 28.51%VOL



Sloe Whisky Spirit Drink

A twist on the traditional Sloe Gin. A warming blend of hand picked sloes and whisky make this a warming tipple at any time of year. Serve straight up, an ideal hip flask tipple. 27.0% ABV

Ginger Whisky Spirit Drink

We've not been able to find any locally grown ginger as yet, but watch this space! Whisky Mack in a glass.

Ideal for a hip flask tipple on those chilly autumnal walks 38.1%VOL


Blackcurrant Brandy Liqueur

Allotment blackcurrants infused with French brandy make this a truly delicious drink. Serve neat or add a touch to a glass of fizz or pour over ice cream and hide from the children. 22.6%

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